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Entrepreneurs – Aspirin or Vitamin?


Ease the Pain


We are all familiar with aspirins and vitamins.    If I am in pain, or have a headache, I will rush to take an aspirin.  However if I am feeling pretty good I will often forget to take a vitamin.   

How does this relate to you as an entrepreneur?  Successful entrepreneurs understand the difference.  Whether you are seasoned, young or are a woman entrepreneur your success depends on your understanding of this concept.   

The question an entrepreneur must ask is, “Will my business be providing  

Feeling Good


 an aspirin or a vitamin to my target audience?”   

There is no right or wrong answer, but remember my example above?  Most people in pain welcome the aspirin while, however, if you are doing well, it is sometimes difficult to remember to take your vitamin.   

When positioning your message make sure the material says whether your business is easing their pain or making them feel better.  This concept is what  successful entrepreneurs understand.   

As an entrepreneur every time you reach for an aspirin or a vitamin think, “Which one is my business … an aspirin or a vitamin?”   

As you can tell, I believe that as an entrepreneur you need to find the pain in your target market, and then find a way to relieve it.    

 My next blog will focus on several tips on how to identify the  problem your business will be solving.   

Your thoughts?

The question is, “Do you agree that start-up  entrepreneurs, in positioning their business, should be the aspirin instead of the vitamin?”   














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