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Blown Calls Happen To Entrepreneurs Too!

Baseball - Great Game


For baseball fans, and especially Detroit Pitcher Amando Gaiarraga, a blown call can hurt. In his case it kept him from having the record book show he pitched a perfect game.  For entrepreneurs looking for funding a blown call by potential investors can be discouraging.  

If we are on this earth for any length of time we have experienced a blown call which may have kept us momentarily from achieving something spectacular. Notice I said momentarily.  A blown call can take you to your knees but only momentarily. It is how we choose to react to the blown call and the belief in our dream that determines if we go forward or stand still.  

Entrepreneurs must remember that very few of the businesses presented to investors receive funding.  On occasion investors can blow a call and turn down a business that turns around and becomes successful. Just as Jim Joyce is human so are investors. The key for the entrepreneur is to take what they have had to say, filter out the good and throw away the bad. Then you need to move on.  

 If your business idea is good and you have done the necessary due diligence there is an investor who will fund you. It might take some time to locate that investor or investors but persistence is the key.  

 If you quit after an investors group turns you down then, in my opinion, you were not cut from the entrepreneur ‘cloth’ to start.  Entrepreneurs I know are not quitters, but keep moving forward no matter how incremental.  

 Always…always move forward.                                                                                                                                                           

Shocked Entrepreneur - Turned down


I am just saying:  

After this was written Bud Selig ruled that the Jim Joyce call would stand depriving a young man of a place in history and sentencing Jim Joyce to a lifetime of second guesses. Rarely do we get a chance to rectify a blatent wrong. When we have an opportunity to do so we should step up and do the right thing.


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