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If you find your employees friends, or family crossing to the other side of the street when they see you approaching it is time for a wake-up call.

There are a number of mistakes entrepreneurs make that can cost them their business, but the one I feel is the most frequent is the need for an entrepreneur to be in control…of everything. When starting your business being control of everyone and thing can work to your advantage. However, when your business takes off, or you work daily with other people then your white knuckle grasp has to loosen or your business will suffer.

If you want action to be taken then STOP giving the answers!

The hardest thing an entrepreneur has to learn is to trust subordinates to get the job done. Does it require the end result to look exactly like your answer…probably not? What does matter is if they have accomplished what you have directed them to do.

The ability to delegate then let go is the hardest most difficult quality all people have much less an entrepreneur.

Your ability to control things will be useful in getting the business off the ground but once it is if you continue this quality you will most certainly stunt any growth your company may achieve. Creativity will be non-existent in your company and the desire for anyone to think proactively will be thwarted. Your business will be in trouble.

Most people will tell you to stop being the control freak and delegate and give up control. That is easier said than done. It will require work and constant personal evaluation, but it can be done.

Here are some tips:

1.  Phases. You will not be able to wake one morning and transform yourself into Mr. Delegation. But you can start the process. Try delegating in small steps. Once you see that the world will continue and your business will be able to open the doors the next day confidence in your team will grow.

2.  Get help. I mean this in the most loving way. Find a business, life or executive coach to work with you on becoming a good executive. NOTE: A control freak will never become a good executive. You need advice from someone outside of the business to give you a clear prospective on you habits and areas of improvement.

3.  Empower people. If you demand accountability then give authority.  If you don’t you are throwing your employees into the ring with one hand tied around his back.

4.  Walk the talk. If you state you honor loyalty, then be loyal yourself. If you state you honor integrity then have integrity yourself. If you state you honor new ideas, then don’t shoot down new ideas without listening. It is easy to say many things but your employees are watching how your walk is in alignment with your talk. Keep that in mind.

5. Go take a walk. If you find yourself wanting to intercede or take over a project where you have delegated the responsibility go take a walk or a drive. Controlling behavior is a habit and you must learn to stop that habit by fighting the urge.

There are many other ways to combat the overwhelming need to be in control of everyone and everything. That is why I really recommend you find a coach with experience in these matters to help you.

Taking action to correct this problem shows growth as an entrepreneur and the willingness to become a more complete CEO. You and your company will thrive.  Good luck!

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