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Entrepreneurs, Multi-tasking, and Focus

Entrepreneur multi-tasking

Making the decision to start a business is easy compared to actually performing the many tasks needed to get the business off the ground.

One of the top reasons so few businesses succeed, in my opinion, is not that the business isn’t viable but the entrepreneur gets overwhelmed with the multitude of tasks they must do, many at the same time and like an over loaded electrical system crashes and burns.  When three, four, eight or twenty tasks need to be completed simultaneously you can almost see the brain overload. Without the skills necessary to meet these keeping and growing your business could be difficult.

Successful entrepreneurs learn the art of multi-tasking to cope with the demands of starting a new business. Prospective entrepreneurs, if not already proficient at multi-tasking, need to become proficient at that skill.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Make lists. As a beginning entrepreneur there will be so much information thrown at you that you will not remember everything  needed to be accomplished. Making a list daily keeps your mind focused on what needs to be done and keeps you from stressing…too much.

 2.  Remove as many distractions as possible. I know this is not easy.  However, the more distractions you can remove from your work environment then the less chance of tasks being interrupted.

 3. Take notes. Even with today’s electronics that help in many ways for us to become more efficient I still believe you need to have a pad and paper close by to quickly put down notes or thoughts. This may be a generational issue, but I find it is helpful in organizing my thoughts.

 4.  Delegate (when you can). This is a difficult skill to learn.  Sometimes it is not practical to delegate plus the make-up of entrepreneurs often make this difficult. None-the-less the earlier in your entrepreneurial career you learn this skill the better off your business will be and you will have less sleepless nights. Start small so you can build confidence that someone other than you can do the job.  This is a skill that requires an effort to obtain.

 Along with multi-tasking the ability to stay focused in your objectives for your business is critical.  Many of the things you do to aid in your multi-tasking overlap to your ability to focus.  However, here are some more tips on focus:

 1. Have your goals visible. When in doubt or feeling a little overwhelmed look at your goals and ask yourself if what you are doing is moving your forward toward your goals or away from your goals?

 2. Time wasters. When you go into business for yourself you begin to notice there is a group of people called ‘time wasters’. They are not just content to waste their time but yours as well. If you don’t learn to say No, or I’m busy. The main point is do not allow them to get you off task. It is your responsibility to guard your time not theirs.  Avoid these time wasters.

 3. Always move forward. This is something I believe if you can always move forward toward your goal not matter how big or small you will accomplish your goal.  

 4. Perseverance and Persistence.  Moving forward will require these two qualities. When things don’t go your way, and that will happen, then persevere.  Stay persistent in your desire to move forward and if what you’re doing isn’t working try something different that will get you to your goal.

 Of course these are many tips on how to multi-task and focus and I urge you if you are having difficulty with ether one to learn more about how to improve. Remember that although tips and suggestions are great they will do nothing if you don’t have the wish to change and put forth the effort to make it happen.


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  1. Brenda,

    I couldn’t agree more that keeping your goals in front of you, keeping to-do lists current, and avoiding time-wasting people are excellent methods for success to build any business. You would think that delegation would be easy, but I think for many entrepreneurs, who are usually independent thinkers and used to having all of the control, cannot delegate. Any tips?

    Keep the posts coming!

    Lindsey Jaeger

    Comment by Lindsey Jaeger | July 29, 2010 | Reply

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