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Keeping The End In Sight


Marketing Tool or Distraction


To paraphrase Stephen Covey, keeping the end in sight, or in the case of an entrepreneur the goal in sight, is vital to a businesses success.




An important tool to help an entrepreneur ‘keep the end in sight’ is to use their pro-formas as a rudder. Much like a ship being thrashed about by unruly waves, which can throw a vessel off course, so too can every day distractions. Social media, although an important tool in any entrepreneur’s tool box, can also serve as a distraction that slowly eats away at an entrepreneur’s time.

The article linked below does a superb job of outlining the steps an entrepreneur can take to use social media while still keeping the goal in view. 

“Staying focused on the measures of success which have the highest impact on sales and profits is a daily battle. Working harder, going faster, writing more, socializing more, and Facebooking more might actually become a dead-end. Social media allows a person to feed their own ego and gives them a sense of control.”



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