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Entrepreneurs Using Effective Video Marketing

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Marketing tools change over time. As different and more marketing tools are identified the small business owner and new entrepreneur need to embrace these tools. One of the current marketing tools of choice is online video marketing. It is now an important arsenal in any marketing strategy.  The benefits that one receives from online marketing are many.

When you compare online marketing with old school marketing you find video is more effective in engaging your customer or viewer.  One of the most important benefits you will gain from using video marketing is credibility. The speaker or person speaking in the video  is viewed as someone who is knowledgeable. As a business owner you should be conscious of the need to build an online presence. If you want to build an online presence then use video marketing.

The key business differentiator for anyone on the web is video marketing.  Think about it. Once the viewer has landed on the website their attention is drawn to the video.  A carefully constructed video can do more in introducing a potential customer to your company then static web content. Don’t misunderstand text on a website is important and of value. The text helps augment the video and is used by certain elements of your audience who prefers text to video, although this element s shrinking every year. Video marketing is an equalizer for small business and new business owners. It can help level the playing field. Many business owners are moving to it or mixing their marketing techniques which includes YouTube. What one of the best features of online videos is that they continue to work for you while you are sleeping.

For businesses with a small budget the good news is that you do not need  a big budget to be successful at video marketing. As in all marketing strategies they do not act as a single event, nor should online video marketing. It should be a major part of your marketing arsenal. As in all marketing strategies video marketing is not difficult when you have a plan of action and know what to do.  It does not cost much to obtain the necessary tools to produce an effective video. The sticking point seems to be is that most marketers or business owners do not understand or appreciate how to create a video and use the video successfully.   A couple of ways video marketing is used is to aid in credibility, and online presence.

Marketers are scrambling to understand how to seize this new opportunity. Whether you have a small business or a large corporation video marketing is becoming an important marketing tool to communicate with current customers and potential customers. This tool will also drive traffic through video search results as well as organic web search results. 

Producing online video does need effort, but this effort pays off because video marketing leads to increased brand awareness, and traffic. Since video marketing has grown each month it has become a ‘go to’ marketing tool.  Tools, such as, webcams, smart phones and hand-held camcorders can create and distribute online videos in just minutes. Anyone who puts forth any effort can create a good video to be distributed.  When creating a video the rule of thumb is the average online video is about 3.5 minutes. This equates to the online video viewer devoting a significant amount of time to watching videos online.

Beacuse of  incresed viewership there is not one busienss that should not be seriously considering online video marketing in their marketing strategy.


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